Lisa Kratz Counselling — About Lisa

Lisa Gallagher Kratz, B.A. Communication, M.A. Counselling RCC, CCC
Counsellor, Coach, Trainer, EMDR
Solution-Focused Therapy
Lisa is available for individual, couple and family counselling.
Direct: 250-882-0444

Individual counselling is for people who want dedicated time to talk freely about the issues that prompted them to seek counselling support. Counselling provides an outside perspective and an opportunity for you to make focused changes that are often challenging to accomplish without assistance. The counselling time creates a space for self–reflection.

It is understandable to feel awkward or unsure about asking for help. You may have a fear of being judged or not knowing where to start! My style is very personable, and the office space is comfortable and private. You don’t need to fear that I am judging you. I am open–minded, curious, and interested in your story.

Contact me at 250-882-0444, or via EMAIL.

Lisa Gallagher Kratz, Master of Counselling, CCC, RCC
Canadian Certified Counsellor #100004135
Registered Clinical Counsellor # 15986